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Fiber Laser cutting Machine

5000 Watt Fiber Laser is the first fully-integrated fiber laser system designed specifically for cutting applications, including marking and fine-feature cutting metal cutting excellence, this powerful new system makes it easy to produce a quality cut consistently – across a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

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Water Jet Machine

We have (eight) water jet machines in our factory that are used for Marble Medallion & Granite design cutting and steel. The machine is programmed with mechanical drawing. Drawings are then converted and input the CNC technology. It can cut up to 150mm or thicker.

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Stone Cutting Machine

Stone Cut line is a CNC cutting machine that reads the position and defects by artificial vision. The loading, cut and unloading is done simultaneously. Cut to size projects and the optimization of the plates are done by computer. And alsow 500M2 per day  production capacity.

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Bridge Cutting Machine

We have (Five) Bridge cutting machine is for cutting slabs and is controlled by microcomputer. Cutting dimensions are set by terminal input. The machine is equipped with a laser illumination system which makes the disc adjustment easier. The cut and return is controlled by a finely adjustable inverter. Type 400 and 600 fixed blade and tilting blades in choice.

Bridge Stone cutting machine to trim slabs and tiles of granite, marble, sandstone and other stone materials.

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Automatic Polishing Machine

Mechanical floor polishers have one to four brushes, which are stationary or rotated by friction against the surface being polished. They are moved by hand using a hinged bar shaped handle

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Profiling Machine

This machine adopts advanced PLC programmable,automatic controlled copy system and frequency conversion technology with prfile blades cutting and working automatically.The overall design is very dexterous and novel with well continuity of processing lineation and high efficiency of production.