Our Story

The Mission

It took Mother Nature millions of years to create natural stones. We at AL Amin believe in honoring the majestic beauty of these wholesome gifts, and are steadfastly devoted in bringing them from different parts of the world to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. Uncompromising on quality, AL Amin will continue to deliver this greatest gift of Mother Nature.

The Company

AL Amin Marble was founded in October 2004 by Mr Munir Ahmad and Imran Khan, Through sound management and sustained growth it has become one of the largest and most experienced Metal, Marble and CNC cutting service provider operating in the UAE.

AL Amin is experienced to fulfill the requirements of private luxury villas, commercial towers, palaces, Marine companies, Armed forces, steel fabricators, signage, advertising & joineries as well as government and commercial organizations.

We undertake supply of materials, designing and provide cutting services of all sizes and shapes up to 200 mm thickness for various materials using the latest automated machinery which includes (Eight) WATERJETS, FIBER LASER, PLASMA and other CNC machines.

AL Amin is geared to respond to the client’s requirements by the deployment of skills and resources to ensure that orders are executed in accordance with timelines , costs and client specific requirement.


The Performance

For Over two decades, AL Amin has remained the strongest brand in the naturaal stone industry due to tieless efforts of the people behind it to ensure quality and customer satifaction. through maitaining relationships with the best quarries around the globe, Al Amin has acquired the ability to source premium materials. Al Amin found its niche in th competitive MIddle East market by proving time and again to our faithful clients that our product countinues to be superior. Al Amin has added a vast array of natural stones, including every color on the spectrum and from every corner of the world to its extensive collection.


The People

The founder & CEO – Mr Munir Ahmad and Imran Khan, brings a unique perspective to the natural stone industry. They believes that like a Hermas bag or a Rolex watch, marble is a statement, it should be viewed from the same sophisticated lenses as any other premium luxury product.

Truly speaking, they changed the way the marble business was being done in UAE, he says that ” when i started in 2004, marble was kept in open dusty yards like construction or masonry stones” for him, the biggest way Al Amin chnaged the marble trade of UAE by conceptualizing it from a totally different perspective.

The policy

At AL Amin, we consider natural stone to be precious, their beauty to be marveled at for generations to come, therefore our core principles disallow us from ever compromising the quality of our product.

sines its inscription, it has been the policy at AL Amin to stock only the highest quality materials with specifications to particularly befit the market, climate, and clients here here in the Middle East, using exact 20mm or 30mm thickness of slabs, homogeneity in thickness, controlled variation in color, perfect processing quality, etc. Our rigorous standards of quality control, which meet the approval of architects & consultants, allow our customers to complete their projects successfully, beautifully, and in a timely manner.

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